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Discover The Advanced Home Maintenance Inspection

Too many people request an inspection only upon buying or selling a home, then never again. That's like visiting a doctor once in your life and assuming you'll never get sick afterwards.

In fact, a home can acquire all kinds of problems over the years, including hidden water damage, electrical wiring problems, termites and more. Some problems may become serious, even hazardous, if not detected early. That's why more owners are protecting their investment over the long term with preventive home inspections.

 An Advanced Maintenance inspection helps:

  • Protect your family from health and safety hazards
  • Protect the market value of your home
  • Solve problems and make repairs before they become costly
  • Save on utility bills through energy efficiencies
  • Prevent termite, mice and other pest infestations
  • Keep a running record of your home's condition, improvements and repairs
  • Speed up the sale of your house with full disclosure
  • Take advantage of the industry's leading technology at reduced rates

If you're considering an Advanced Maintenance Home Inspection, call 225.268.8307 or click here .. even on the weekends.