Advanced Advantage

Since 2003, Advanced Building Systems has inspected thousands of homes and businesses in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Spencer Maxcys' company, a leader in the industry, was the first home inspection company to integrate infrared technology into the inspections in Louisiana. 

Spence Maxcy was born and raised in the capital area and has a vast understanding of the factors that effect homes in this region. From moisture to mold, to fault lines to foundation failure he's likely seen it in his nearly 20 years of experience. Not only does he provide a report (and verbal explanation) of his findings required under the state board of home inspectors, but he will also alert the clients of things that he would want to know if he were in their position. 

Licensed under the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspection, Certified Infrared Inspector and Licensed Mold Inspector, Spencer Maxcy has been in the industry since 2003.