Home Inspections

A home inspection involves a thorough and systematic evaluation of the condition of a home. It is a complete physical exam of the general integrity, functionality, and overall safety of a home and its various components. The purpose of this process is to ensure that home buyers know exactly what is being purchased, prior to completing the transaction. Each inspection evaluates the major systems of the property as well as the visible structural components. At the conclusion of the inspection, a detailed explanation is performed with the client, thoroughly explaining problems and answering questions. Following the inspection, a comprehensive report is generated and provided to the clients in a timely manner. The inspection report includes pictures of crucial findings and hard-to-understand deficiencies.  

Infrared Inspection

•Internal Structural Problems
•Moisture Concerns
•Roof & Ceiling Leaks
•Heat Loss
•Rodents and Vermin
•Insulation Deficiencies
•Pipe and Duct Work Leaks
•Potential Electrical Problems

Visual Inspection


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